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Who Are We?

Melo Tea is more than just drinks & desserts; it's a haven for tea enthusiasts & casual drinkers alike. Our cozy ambiance & warm hospitality create an inviting atmosphere where you can unwind, savor the moment, & connect with friends. As we grow each day, our commitment to quality & customer satisfaction remains unwavering, ensuring that every visit to Melo Tea is an unforgettable one. Join us on this journey & witness our expanding community of tea lovers, making each experience at Melo Tea a testament to our shared passion for exceptional tea & delightful moments. Peek our stats below, which vividly showcase our daily growth & the thriving community that makes Melo Tea special.


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Our Story

The Journey Begins

In 2018, our founders, a loving married couple, avid enthusiasts of taiwanese bubble tea and desserts, encountered a dilemma. Despite their love for these treats, they couldn't find any location that offered the perfect blend of a welcoming environment, top-notch quality in taiwanese food and drinks, and exceptional service. Faced with this challenge, they were inspired to create their own ideal spot, a place where perfection in bubble tea could meet their standards and expectations.

Pursuit of Perfection in Taiwan

Over the next few years, they set out on an immersive journey to Taiwan, where those treats originated, to master the art of curating the perfect, authentic Taiwanese flavors for bubble tea, drinks, and desserts. Under the tutelage of master craftsmen boasting over 30 years of experience in taiwanese drink & dessert making, our founders honed their skills and absorbed the intricacies of curating the perfect, authentic Taiwanese flavors. This invaluable experience was a pivotal chapter in their journey, shaping Melo Tea's commitment to excellence and authenticity.

Bringing Taiwan to the States

In 2021, armed with newfound expertise and a passion to share the authentic taste of Taiwan, our founders returned to the United States. Their dream was to introduce a haven for tea enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike, setting the stage for the creation of Melo Tea.

The Search for the Perfect Location

Months were spent meticulously searching for the ideal location that would encapsulate the essence of Melo Tea. Our founders were determined to find a place in their hometown of Greenville that would not only house their vision but also become a welcoming space for the community they cherished.

Renovation and Design

With the lease secured, the dedicated team embarked on a year-long journey of renovation and design, transforming the chosen location into the embodiment of Melo Tea's warmth and hospitality. Every detail was carefully crafted to create an inviting atmosphere for patrons to unwind and savor the moment.

June 2023
A Dream Realized

Fast forward to June 2023, the culmination of years of dedication and hard work. Melo Tea finally opened its doors to the community, a testament to the founder's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. From Taiwan to Greenville, the journey had come full circle, and Melo Tea was now ready to serve unforgettable experiences to its patrons, blending the rich flavors of authentic Taiwanese delights with the warmth of their hometown.